Resolutions have passed, you’re come to the decision that the gym is not where you want to focus health wise. You’re not quite ready for some of your habits to change. However, you do recognize the importance of good health. We got you covered.

Today we’ll touch on antioxidants…. what is that?? Sounds like something that wouldn’t benefit our bodies, but it’s just the opposite.

At Juice Kings, one of the main reasons we opened our doors, is because we truly believe in the power of fresh, natural, locally sourced fruits and juices and the supplements they can add to our bodies.

Antioxidants defined.

Ok, again, what are antioxidants? As simply put by Atli Arnarson BSc, PhD on healthline “Antioxidants are molecules that can help your body fight off harmful free radicals, which have been linked to health conditions like diabetes and cancer. They’re found in many plant-based foods. Vitamin E and C are examples.”

Basically antioxidants can be found in plant-based food and they help our bodies fight the bad cells in our bodies that can lead to illnesses. Which means, even though we couldn’t keep up with going to the gym, we can adjust our eating habits to incorporate more beneficial foods.

Common antioxidants include vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, selenium, and various phytochemicals found in fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods. Confused on “beta-carotene, selenium, etc.” just think molecules and minerals.

Benefits of Antioxidants

Now that we have a gist of what antioxidants are, lets dive further into how they benefit the body.

  1. Cellular Protection: Antioxidants play a crucial role in protecting our cells from oxidative damage. They help prevent the breakdown of cell membranes and maintain the integrity of cellular structures.
  2. Anti-Aging Properties: By neutralizing free radicals, antioxidants can slow down the aging process and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They also promote healthier skin by supporting collagen production.
  3. Immune System Support: Antioxidants boost the immune system by protecting immune cells from oxidative stress. This, in turn, helps the body defend itself against infections and illnesses.
  4. Heart Health: Some antioxidants, like flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables, contribute to heart health by reducing inflammation, improving blood vessel function, and lowering blood pressure.

Antioxidants at Juice Kings

Now for the best part, what Juice Kings drink should I get for maximum antioxidants.

  1. Our Emerald Green for it contains kale, spinach and lemon.
  2. Our Gold Armour shot, also a crowd favorite for its kick contains: lemon which covers you on the fruits and vegetables end, plus turmeric which covers you on the herbs and spices.
  3. Our All 12 Rounds packed with protein also includes cinnamon and almond milk.

You get the gist.  Many of our menu items have antioxidant, whether berries, citrus fruits, spinach, kale, almonds, cinnamon, turmeric and more.

Stop in and visit us during business hours and our knowledgable staff will be happy to assist you in choosing a juice that will most benefit you and blend with your tastebuds.

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