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One of Juice Kings most popular juices that is extremely enjoyable, is the Berry Good. It is a refreshing drink that is great for during the day or after a good workout. The Berry Good juice has a very delicious, flavorful taste with the fruit mixture of raspberry, strawberry, apple and watermelon. You may ask yourself, what health benefits can I get from consuming a drink like the Berry Good? The benefits from drinking the Berry Good come from the fresh fruits used in the juice. These fruit ingredients give you a boost both physically and mentally.

The ingredients used for the Berry Good & their benefits:

Raspberries : They are edible fruit of the plant species from the rose family. There are different types of Raspberries such as black, purple and golden. Red raspberries are the most common and grew throughout the West Coast. Consuming raspberries can have many health benefits such as:

✅They are low-calorie & packed with nutrients.
✅They may help reduce disease risk.
✅They may help reduce blood sugar levels.
✅They may help improve insulin resistance.
✅They have cancer-fighting properties.
✅They may improve arthritis.
✅They may aid in weight loss.
✅They may help combat aging.

Strawberries : Strawberries is also an edible fruit from the rose family. There are over 100 varieties of strawberries! Red strawberries are the most common and grow all over the world. Consuming strawberries can have many health benefits such as:

? They help give your immunity a boost.
? They help maintain your healthy vision.
? They help lower cholesterol.
? They can help lower inflammation.
? They can help regulate your blood pressure.
? They can boost your fiber intake.
? They can help prevent cancer.

Watermelons : Watermelons are commonly known as a fruit from the cucumber family, Cucurbitaceae. They contain important vitamins such as A, C, B6, B1 and potassium. Commonly grown in China, watermelons are the official state vegetable of Oklahoma. Consuming watermelon can have many health benefits such as:

?It helps keep you hydrated.
? It contains nutrients and beneficial plant compounds.
? It helps prevent cancer.
? It may help improve heart health.
? It may help lower inflammation and oxidative stress.
? It may help prevent macular degeneration.
? It may help relieve sore muscles.
? It helps with Skin and Hair health.
?It helps improve digestion.
Apples : Apples are fruits that are commonly grown in the Central part of the United States. They contain a good source of fiber and vitamin C as well as other antioxidants. Consuming apples can have many health benefits such as:

?They Are Nutritious
?They May Be Good for Weight Loss
?They May Be Good for Your Heart
?They are Linked to a Lower Risk of Diabetes
?Apples May Have Prebiotic Effects and Help Promote Good Gut Bacteria
?Apples Have Substances That May Help Prevent Cancer
?They Contain Compounds That Can Fight Asthma
?They May Be Good for Bone Health
?They May Protect Against Stomach Injury From NSAIDs
?They May Protect Your Brain

These ingredients keep your body hydrated and give you the necessary energy to go about your day. They will give you a mental boost by improving your cognitive function and stabilizing your mood. Whether you’re looking to stay healthy or just looking to improve your immune system, the Berry Good juice is the way to go. Start your day off right or end the perfect work-out with the Berry Good.